At Cycleast we love to work on bikes.  If it has wheels and pedals, we'll put a wrench on it.  Whether it's your racing rig that gets a beating every weekend, your commuter that takes the punishment of the road every single day or a long forgotten stallion that's been collecting dust in the garage for months, we love the romance of making your ride functional and fabulous.  

Each bike repair, like each rider, is unique and we specialize in working as a collaborative team to determine the services that will suit your needs best.  Bring us your whip. We'll give it all the love it needs.

Breathing new life into old bicycles might be what we do best.  There's nothing we adore more than reinventing a classic, upgrading an old frame with new parts or just sprucing up a slightly worn vintage frame.  Cycleast resto-mods are all about dreams and we're in the business of making your dream, your vision, a reality.

Cycleast believes in bicycles in all their forms.  We are passionate about creating a connection between bike and rider.  Often times this comes in the construction of a custom bicycle, hand crafted to meet the needs of our customer exactly.   We have created collaborative relationships with bike manufacturers that are equally passionate about making your dream into reality.  These partnerships allow Cycleast to effectively guide you down the path of creating a completely personalized ride from beginning to end.