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Cycleast Bike Camping ('22-'23)

Since 2017, we've been leading groups of people on bike camping adventures! In order to create diverse, inclusive, and comfortable spaces for our community, we have decided to organize trips into levels. Each level corresponds with participants' cycling and bike camping experience, gear, and support. All cyclists are welcome to join any level they feel comfortable participating in, but we would recommend signing up on the trips for which you feel best prepared.

For each trip we have set aside (2) scholarship spots. These spots are for people who are interested in bike camping, but need financial assistance

If you would like more information, please contact our Community Engagement Specialist!

Bike Camping 101

A true introductory experience. Those interested might not have much or any bike camping experience, may not have any gear, and will need support on the trip. These trips will be accompanied by clinics and multiple Cycleast Ride Leaders. All levels are accepted, but we would like to specifically welcome people who have minimal to no bike camping experience

Bike Camping 201 

Think of this as a refresher or a more challenging introductory experience. These trips will be full of instruction and opportunities for growth, but will generally be longer than the 101 trips. Those interested in 201 trips might have bike camped before, regularly ride medium to long distances, they might have some gear, but still welcome support for the adventure to come. As with 101 trips, all cyclists are accepted, but we would like to specifically welcome people who have minimal to no bike camping experience

Bike Camping 301

 This level is designed to be a true intermediate trip, for those who either want to go further than previous trips or want to add more camping experiences to their repertoire. These trips are crafted for the experienced cyclist/bike camper who may want to join others on a bike camping trip. Each trip is one night with 80+ miles round-trip, and will help level up your bike camping skills. 301 Trips are specifically intended for cyclists with experience in bike camping, have some gear, and need minimal support

Bike Camping 401

401 is our advanced level. Trips in this category are designed for experienced cyclists/bike campers who are ready to go further, faster, and stronger than ever before. Meant to be an achievable challenge, these grand adventures will be multi-nights with 70+ mile days. 401 Trips are specifically intended for cyclists with extensive experience in bike camping, have gear, and need no support

If you cancel within 48 hrs, your registration fee will be added to our scholarship program